Glynnis Ritchie

A seasoned designer and reliable freelancer passionate about collaboration, cross-platform design, and solving complex problems.

Since 2012, I've led web and mobile projects from ideation to release with a focus on iterative delivery and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Available for remote or New Orleans-based projects.


Case Studies


Naveon: Post-Acute Care

Product Design Sprint, Prototype, User Experience, Visual Design, Project Management

Naveon's mobile app helps patients, patients' families, and their Care Teams get to know each other, engage in important (and sometimes difficult) conversations, and stay connected even after discharge. The mobile app is powered by a web application where Care Teams can manage their patients' Plans of Care, define diagnoses, collaborate with other medical staff, and customize content patients see.


Encore Search

Research, Prototype, UX Design, CSS

Rackspace’s Phone Team answers calls and looks up account information to connect customers with specialists and account managers. We focused on simplifying outdated interfaces and systems used to locate customer data to reduce call time and improve customer experience.


MapStory Composer

Research, User Testing, Strategy, Prototype, UX & Visual Design

MapStory helps users turn crowdsourced geospatial data into narrative, interactive, embeddable content that shows geospatial data over time. MapStory’s original Composer overwhelmed users with many options, steps, and an Research, unnecessarily linear process.

What My Peers Say About Me

Glynnis is a ‘full stack designer.’ She’s led initial user experience and requirements gathering efforts, translated those requirements into visual designs and mockups, and built the final HTML and CSS to implement the vision.
–Javier Gonzalez, Software Development Manager @ Rackspace
Glynnis is one of the most valuable, most effective people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. As a UI/UX specialist, Glynnis continually demonstrates an ability to help clients uncover the nuances of their requirements while being a strong advocate for the end user. Her design decisions always appear thoughtfully considered across the spectrum of aesthetics, usability, accessibility, and brand/message consistency.
–Nicholas Scheurich, Senior Software Developer @ NewAperio
When the team would find itself lost in the weeds on an issue, Glynnis always knew how to pull us back, reorient ourselves, and refocus on how a problem actually affects our users.
–Jay Parlar, Principal Software Engineer @ Okta
Whether she is designing or developing, Glynnis raises any team’s level of expertise. Her ability to communicate the key issues in difficult client situations is spectacular.
–Amy Unger, Software Engineer @ Heroku

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